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January 14, 2014

On the Anarchist Memes Drama – Or: Why Do Capitalists Want to Be Anarchists?


Recently, following a series of reported and flagged posts, the popular Facebook page Anarchist Memes was unpublished by Facebook (you can visit their new page here).

The posts which led to the page’s censorship revolved around feminist, trans, and anti-fascist themes, leading a gaggle of so-called “men’s rights activists” and capitalists to report the page for “sexist” and “violent” content.

December 5, 2013

New York grand jury resistor denied appeal for freedom


From  at The Nation:

In May I wrote about my friend Jerry Koch going to jail. A well-loved New York anarchist, Jerry, 24, was not charged with a crime, but was taken into federal custody for refusing to testify in front of a grand jury — those black boxes of the federal prosecutorial system with a grim history of harassing activists.

November 15, 2013

The Rise and Co-optation of Microcosm Publishing

Microcosm Publishing books at Urban Outfitters. "Grow" and native appropriation shirts.

By Jim Fromm


Portland, Ore.-based Microcosm Publishing, a self-described “radical publishing house,” is distributing books through sweatshop apparel dealer Urban Outfitters, a corporation with a lengthy record of bigoted and exploitative policies. Last year, the dissolution of the Microcosm Collective left Microcosm Publishing under the sole ownership and management of founder Joe Biel, whom has an alarming history of exploitative and patriarchal behavior.

May 1, 2013

A short history of May Day


This article was pieced together from an article on, edited and added to by libcom:

Originally a pagan holiday, the roots of May Day are in the fight for the eight-hour working day in Chicago in 1886, and the subsequent execution of innocent anarchist workers.

September 18, 2012

We’re not voting, we’re fighting!

Anarchists and the 2012 US Elections

By Adam Quinn, re-posted from Ideas and Action of the Workers Solidarity Alliance

It’s always been easy for anarchists to demonstrate the absurdity of the US elections since the two major parties have had very few actual differences. Though each party has been using more heated and divisive rhetoric in recent months, Obama’s continuation of many Bush-era policies indicates our essentially one-party system remains intact.

However, to many Mitt Romney’s presidential candidacy displays a significant shift to the right in the Republican Party. Romney and Ryan very clearly represent the interests and ethos of the 1%, and make no efforts to hide this. Together, they overtly defend the interests of the ultra-rich and advocate the destruction of many liberal rights and reforms. While the Obama administration has been the quintessential neoliberal empire, Romney and Ryan present themselves as some of the most economically and socially conservative candidates possible. It may not be as stark a contrast as the Fascists and Communists we saw in the recent elections in Greece, but many are portraying this as most ideologically contentious US election we’ve seen in our lifetimes.

As anarchists, how should we respond to this seemingly unique election? Some argue we should vote for the Democrats as the lesser evil, or vote Republican so people will fight back, while others focus on a boycott of the election altogether and even campaign towards this goal. This article argues that the decision between Obama and Romney is an ambiguous question that isn’t entirely about the lesser of two evils, and the decision between voting and not voting is highly individualized and insignificant. Instead, what matters is what we do instead of or in addition to voting.


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