Seattle Truckers Can’t Catch A Bathroom Break

Some truckers at the Port of Seattle do not have access to bathrooms. In the case of the main port-provided truck lot, a single HoneyBucket [port-a-potty] was delivered in an attempt to quiet truckers who spoke out against the lack of access to a basic necessity. However, many people have pointed out that the HoneyBucket has not solved anything.

Fuck Mars Hill

Mars Hill – the culty, sexist, right-wing christian “mega-church” you may have heard referenced to in the past – has officially moved itself (and its 1,000+ person congregation) into its new downtown location – the Daniels Recital Hall on 5th and Marion. The announcement for the move caught the attention of a number of people on Capitol Hill, not…

Why libertarians apologize for autocracy

This is an edited version of an article originally published by Salon: From the support of a few progressives a century ago for eugenics, and expressions of admiration by a few 1920s liberals for Mussolini’s ability to make the trains run on time, Goldberg and others on the right have crafted the latest in a…