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April 8, 2014

On the Seattle Metropolitan Project and its Consequences


From Tides of Flame

Yesterday, I spent 20 minutes watching a crew tear down a brick wall, and I thought of the workers, long since dead, who first built that wall. As much as I love the new, I remain haunted by the old. Just like you. Just like this neighborhood.

 -Sherman Alexie, South Lake Union, 2012

April 2, 2014

MARCH POINT Free Screening at Cascadia Film Night


Cascadia Watch is hosting a free screening of March Point on Sunday April 6th, at 8 pm, as part of our irregular Cascadia Film Night.

April 2, 2014

Washington State DNR Allowed Clearcuts On Unstable Oso Slope


By Brendan Kiley at The Stranger via

Two days after the Hazel slope in Oso turned into what one rescue worker described as “a blender” of mud and trees hurtling downhill, a Snohomish County official told a roomful of reporters: “This was a completely unforeseen slide. This came out of nowhere.” He was wrong. The unstable composition of the slope—loose silt and sand, deposited by glaciers on top of a layer of clay—was so well-known that a 1967 article in the Seattle Times referred to it as “slide hill,” and a 1999 geological report for the Army Corps of Engineers discussed its “potential for large-scale catastrophic failure.”

December 27, 2013

#HipHop #Gentrification #KillAHipster

gentrifyBy Cody Lestelle

[NOTE: this article is an adaptation of an email I originally sent to the CHID program at the University of Washington, Seattle of which I am (sorta) an alumni. I am sharing it now in hopes of provoking wider discussion and appropriate actions on these themes]

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November 29, 2013

Seattle Police have a George Bush Moment


by Ansel Herz at The Stranger

On November 12, Seattle police had a WMD moment. According to police “intel,” four men had taken over the Horace Mann school building in the Central District, placed a sniper on the roof, and wired the building with explosives, Detective Renee Witt told reporters. Across the street, dozens of armed officers milled about. A SWAT team was on-site, and the entire block was cordoned off.

November 2, 2013

Take Your Pipeline and Shove It: Rising Tide Protesters Build Pipeline Through Offices of TD Ameritrade

Rising Tide and company with inflatable pipeline

By Jim Fromm


Rising Tide Seattle, South Sound Rising Tide, and No Keystone XL Pledge of Resistance members assembled a 35-foot-long pipeline in the local office of TD Ameritrade, while holding a “Funeral for Our Future.” Rising Tide demanded the Canadian-owned corporation stop bankrolling Tar Sands extraction and pipeline construction, including Keystone XL.

September 28, 2013

An update on a Grand Jury Resister


From Solidarity with Steve:

It saddens us to announce that the grand jury investigation has received a six month extension and will most likely conclude on March 4th, 2014. During the past six months there has been little news as to the current status or extent of the investigation and subsequent repression. The only news has been what has already been stated, the grand jury will continue.

Steve is still struggling against the grand jury. He is adjusting to life in a new city surrounded by good friends who are both inspiring and supportive. However, in the past week, Steve has been experiencing multiple instances of police harassment; harassment to the degree he has not experienced before.

September 18, 2013

Statement by Nova Staff and Families on Horace Mann Building


From our friends at Creativity Not Control:

Over the past year, residents and neighbors in Seattle’s Central District have been organizing alongside organizations like the Umoja P.E.A.C.E Center and the Amistad School to reclaim the historic Horace Mann building for the black community.  Some background information on their struggle can has been provided here.

The following statement has been signed by the majority of staff at Nova, the highschool which previously occupied the Mann building; the signers state that they “do not support the forced relocation of the current programs in the Mann building and are working to explore other possibilities.”

August 11, 2013

Parents and Students Self-Organize At the Horace Mann School Building


From our friends at Creativity Not Control:

On Thursday Aug 8th, I attended a packed meeting at the Horace Mann school building on 24th and Cherry in the Central District of Seattle.  People gathered to discuss the fate of this building, which the African/Black community has turned into a vibrant educational facility called the Africatown Community Innovation Center.

July 5, 2013

Rich People’s Boats Burn in Lake Union. Happy Fourth.

Scott Swantek owns a boat stored at the facility and was nearby when the fire started.

“We can get a different boat,” he said. “A boat is a boat, but it’s definitely a bummer,” he said.

Fire officials estimate damage at $1.5 million.


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