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October 23, 2013

Enough (some thoughts on Cathy Brennan)

BY  of

My approach to Cathy Brennan has long mirrored my approach to Ann Coulter; I generally refuse to dignify their deliberate attempts to cruelly incite. Rising to meet their hate, which is deliberately designed to provoke outrage, feels like a vindication of their strategy; what they desire most is attention, and giving it to them hardly feels like a victory for those on the side of the angels. However, after seeing a relatively sympathetic article about Brennan in the online magazine Bustle– which apparently misgenders a trans woman and which some of my friends have fairly derided as a “puff piece”– I felt there are some matters which merit clarification.

July 9, 2013

The gay radicals of the past didn’t want equality: they wanted liberation, and thought marriage was oppression


By  of the Telegraph:

Some overexcited observers are describing last night’s passing of the gay marriage bill as the glorious endpoint to nearly 50 years of agitation for gay rights. Finally, and courtesy largely of David Cameron, New York City’s Stonewall rioters of 1969 and the daring organisers of Britain’s first-ever Gay Pride parades in the early 1970s have seen their dreams of equality come true. They had a dream, those early warriors for homosexual rights, and now that dream is a reality. Let us rejoice!

There is only one problem with this narrative – it is the biggest load of bunkum.

July 4, 2013

What to the American slave is your Fourth of July?

On July 5, 1852, Frederick Douglass delivered an address to the Ladies of the Rochester Anti-Slavery Society.

June 21, 2013

Pissed-Off Transfolk, Queers, and Friends Descend on Seattle Trans* Pride


For the first time in the history of Seattle there will be a Trans* march to coincide with the celebrations of Gay Pride. Most Trans Pride marches throughout the country continue to maintain a somewhat “radical” line and typically find themselves in conflict with the controlled nature of normative Gay Pride events. Contrary to these free flowing events Seattle’s Trans* March is modeling itself after Gay Pride while pretending to represent those of us who live our lives in the margins.

May 30, 2013

Eliut Hazzi, Miami Beach Cop, Rehired After Alleged Role In Gay Bashing Attack

<> on January 24, 2011 in Miami, Florida.

From Huffington Post:

A Miami Beach cop fired for his alleged role in a brutal physical and verbal attack of two gay men will not only get his job back, he may also receive back pay of his six-figure salary — including possible overtime wages lost and pensionable credit.

May 7, 2013

Human Rights Campaign: Largest LGBT Donors Are Drone Manufacturers


By Hannah Kapp-Klote of Policy Mic:

In the 1960s and 1970s, LGBT liberation (what we now call “LGBT equality”) was seen by its advocates as an all-inclusive movement intrinsically bound to other social justice movements: there could be no justice for LGBT people without justice for people of color, women, workers, those in other nations, etc. Accordingly, LGBT activists worked hard to build coalitions with all those determined to fight for justice.

Nowadays, the LGBT movement does more branding than coalition building. 

April 27, 2013

Bradley Manning is off limits at SF Gay Pride parade, but corporate sleaze is embraced


By Glen Greenwald of The Guardian:

News reports yesterday indicated that Bradley Manning, widely known to be gay, had been selected to be one of the Grand Marshals of the annual San Francisco gay pride parade, named by the LGBT Pride Celebration Committee. When the predictable backlash instantly ensued, the president of the Board of SF Pride, Lisa L Williams, quickly capitulated, issuing a cowardly, imperious statement that has to be read to be believed.

April 16, 2013

No One is Born Gay (or Straight): Here Are 5 Reasons Why

Three Graces view 1

Are some people born gay? How about straight? EjaneWard of Social Inqueery looks at the science:

June 27, 2012

Why I’m not Going to Pride

by Mia McKenzie of Black Girl Dangerous

It’s almost pride weekend in San Francisco. Preparations are being made for any number of festive activities. Marches, parades, parties. Right now, countless dykes are painting signs that read, “Dykes united will never be divided,” and such. Countless drag queens are deciding which wigs to don for the big day. Glitter is sold out everywhere.

I’ve gotten Facebook invites to more events than I can keep track of. There is something pride-related to get into every hour of the day from five on Friday to Sunday at two a.m. It’s all very exciting. I guess.

This whole “pride” thing…I don’t get it. I mean, don’t get me wrong, when I was younger, when I was first out, when the newness of gayness in public made the idea of parades and pride festivals really tantalizing, I was into it. I attended pride parades in many of the cities I lived in, including Philly and Denver. But after a while, it got…you know…old. And not just old. It got…pointless.

March 13, 2012

Gender inequality and gender differences

Polite Ire critiques gender essentialism, from Libcom:

The supposed ‘fundamental’ differences between sexes have historically been used as an argument against equal rights, notably in the opposition to women’s suffrage. In the early 20th century this opposition was supported by the science ofphrenology, later discredited and its conclusions found to be spurious and based upon prejudice. More recently Neuro-scientific researchers have claimed that essential differences between the male and female brain have been uncovered, ‘evidenced’ by neuro-imaging that suggests differing brain structures. However this research is not as clear cut as it may first appear; no participant of a study can be isolated from the affects of socialisation, and as such each supposed ‘essential’ difference may in fact be a result of socialisation (Fine 3-26). There has also been no conclusive evidence found; the methodology is often flawed, the samples small, and the imaging yet to be properly understood. The widely held belief that male and female brains function in different ways is based upon the conclusions of a small minority of studies, conclusions that are damningly dismissed by meta-analyses. The neuro-imaging “evidence” of differently gendered brains may then, in the future, be shown to be similarly laden with prejudice, skewed by societal expectations, as was the case with phrenology. (Fine 131-154)

Where socio-biologists have relied upon the notion of a universal, innate, human nature, a nature that includes gender divisions, they have faced criticism for the inability for this “universal” to be universally applied; for example, while all human societies include a division of labour by sex, these divisions are varied, the social structures changing the form, rigidity and cultural meaning of such divisions (Fausto-Sterling 198-99). This section will consider how gender is socially constructed, and what effect this has upon how the experiences of men and women.


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