Seattle Truckers Can’t Catch A Bathroom Break

Some truckers at the Port of Seattle do not have access to bathrooms. In the case of the main port-provided truck lot, a single HoneyBucket [port-a-potty] was delivered in an attempt to quiet truckers who spoke out against the lack of access to a basic necessity. However, many people have pointed out that the HoneyBucket has not solved anything.

In Gentrified Oakland, Private Security Takes Hold

By Aura Bogado of Color Lines: Dania Cabello was raised in Oakland, Calif.’s, Rockridge neighborhood by Chilean parents who set up small-but-thriving electronics repair and baby wares businesses on the College Avenue main drag. In the ’90s, the proximity to Silicon Valley brought in a new monied residents whom Cabello says were largely white. Rents went up,…

Statement by Nova Staff and Families on Horace Mann Building

From our friends at Creativity Not Control: Over the past year, residents and neighbors in Seattle’s Central District have been organizing alongside organizations like the Umoja P.E.A.C.E Center and the Amistad School to reclaim the historic Horace Mann building for the black community.  Some background information on their struggle can has been provided here. The following statement…