Have You Jumped on the Bone Broth Health Craze? A Quick & Easy Bone Broth Recipe…

When it comes to the art and the skill of cooking, probably one of the most famous tricks employed by all professional chefs is the heavy use of broth in their meals. For ordinary individuals, cooking is usually perceived as something that takes place in a sequenced manner, meaning that the ingredients are taken in a raw form and used one by one until the meal is completed. However, a broth is one of those elements that is pre-prepared and then employed in a range of dishes, all of which are greatly improved with its use.

Bone broth, which is also known as stock, represents an infusion that is made by boiling the bones of some farm animal, along with spices, vegetables, and herbs. The final result is a soup-like liquid that has been enriched with minerals and nutrients found in bone marrow but also taste great because of the other additions. The same broth can be stored in the fridge or even a freezer for a prolonged period and then used when needed.

Thanks to this combination, any broth is also exceedingly healthy. Its mineral composition can help out a struggling immune system, while it can also aid digestion. Because of this, it is wise to always have a bit of bone broth at the ready for a healthy yet delicious meal. Here is the original, time-tested bone broth recipe that is easy to make and provide excellent results.

The Ingredients

For this bone broth, about two pounds of beef bones are needed, but lamb, chicken, or practically any other regularly used farm animal source can also be used in a similar manner. Aside from this, the broth will need one onion, two carrots and two stalks of parsley. For seasoning, one tablespoon of sea salt and a bit of apple cider vinegar is all it takes for this bone broth recipe.

The Cooking Process as Learned from bonebrothstock.com

– First, the raw bones should be placed in an oven and roasted at 350 for about 30 minutes to improve the flavor of the broth.

– Once roasted, the bones should be put in a big cooking pot and water poured over them. One tablespoon of vinegar should be placed in the pot and left to soak in the cold water for half an hour.

– During this time, the onion and carrots should be chopped and placed in the pot, after which comes one tablespoon of salt. The pot should then be heated to the boiling point and then left to simmer for about three hours.

– Now, impurities in the form of a foamy layer will bubble to the surface and they should be scooped up and removed.

– Finally, in the last 30 minutes of cooking, finely chopped parsley should be added.

– Once the cooking is done, the pot should be left to cool down and then its content strained using a fine strainer to remove bone fragments and parts of vegetables that have not disintegrated.

– The strained liquid is the broth which can be stored in a regular glass jar and which is ready to be used.

With this bone broth recipe, anyone will be able to start using this great culinary addition to their home-cooked meals.