Take Your Pipeline and Shove It

Rising Tide Seattle, South Sound Rising Tide, and No Keystone XL Pledge of Resistance members assembled a 35-foot-long pipeline in the local office of TD Ameritrade, while holding a “Funeral for Our Future.” Rising Tide demanded the Canadian-owned corporation stop bankrolling Tar Sands extraction and pipeline construction, including Keystone XL.

“If TD truly believes it is okay to ignore our will and build these pipelines, then they should be okay with us building this pipeline,” one participant said.tdameritrade1

The estimated forty protesters filled the offices, singing “They Are Digging Us A Hole,” some holding a banner reading “TD Bank: STOP FINANCING TAR SANDS.” Outside, Grim Reapers handed out flyers urging passersby to call TD Bank executives. The protesters proceeded to read a statement demanding TD Bank divest from Tar Sands development, decrying the destruction of the boreal forests, sky-rocketing rates of cancer in communities downstream from the Alberta tar sands, the 30 oil spills from the Keystone 1 and the painful health problems caused to local residents, the poisoning and displacement of human and non-human populations, and the dramatic increase in greenhouse gas emissions driving global warming.

The action was a response to calls for solidarity from Tar Sands Blockade, and follows another action against TD Bank by Rising Tide Philly in August. TD Bank, owner of Ameritrade, is one of the largest shareholders in the Alberta Tar Sands through its $1.7 billion investment in TransCanada.tdameritrade4

The protesters left the TD Ameritrade office after police arrived, although TD Ameritrade employees were overheard saying they planned to lock their doors and close for the day. The environmentalists, 35-foot pipeline in tow, continued to the Seattle federal building where Seattle No Keystone XL Pipeline members delivered an “On Notice” letter for President Obama, stating their intent to use civil disobedience should President Obama move forward with the Keystone XL pipeline. Over 80,000 people have pledged to resist the Keystone XL pipeline, organizing with The Other 98%, CREDO Mobile and Rainforest Action Network.

Photos and more info are on the Rising Tide Seattle facebook page.